Single mum left heartbroken after fiancé number 12 calls off wedding

A woman who has been married 11 times has been dealt another blow in her quest for love after fiancé number 12 called off their wedding.

Monette Dias, 52, ‘can’t stop getting married’ but thought her latest relationship with fiancé John would be her last.

However, the interior designer from the US has been left devastated after John called off the wedding following an argument, the Daily Star reports.

Appearing on TLC’s Addicted to Marriage, Monette said: “It’s really painful for me to have another failure, especially in this relationship where I tried so hard.”

Monette explained on the show: “My first husband I knew in high school and I told my sister I was going to marry him one day and I married him two months later.

“My second husband, we just had a lot of fun together but we got divorced and then we felt we could work it out so I married him again.

“So husband number four he had children and I loved his children. He had great children.

“Number five was probably one of the loves of my life. Husband number six he just seemed so nice and kind so I married him and then I married him again.”

“Number eight I met him online and then one week later we drove to Vegas and got married,” she added.

“Number nine was a very charismatic guy and just the kind of guy that you shouldn’t be attracted too but sometimes you are.

“Number 10 I knew in elementary school. He’s a very good person but we should have just stayed friends. Number 11 I’m not even going there with that one. There’s nothing to say.”

On the programme, Monette’s sister, Marcie, admitted that she wasn’t concerned when her sister got married the first two or three times, but now worries she will never meet the right person.

Marcie herself has been married once and has been with her partner for 38 years.

After talking to her sister, Monette decided to speak to John about their issues in order to put things right, however it didn’t go to plan.

During another argument, John was heard telling Monette: “I’m done with the playing. Until you come to terms with what you do and your role in your failed relationships, you’re never gonna have a good one… ever.”

Monette was heard replying: “Use that John… use that.”

“I’m using it to tell you something,” he said. “And you need you need to pay attention. You’re not going to have a healthy relationship with the manipulation and stuff that you do.

“I’m tired… I’m not playing the game.”

Monette was seen nodding and saying “Okay,” as she folded her arms.

While she has been married 11 times already, Monette hasn’t lost hope and still believes she could yet find the right husband for her.

“I’m still going to hold on to hope to finally have a good marriage,” she said.